Boost DPA web article

Receive 100% Financing with Boost Down Payment Assistance

One of the most difficult parts of buying a home is coming up with the down payment. At Veritas Funding, we recognize this challenge, which is why we offer so many Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Programs. We are excited to offer yet another program: the Boost DPA Program.

What are the benefits of Boost DPA?

With the Boost DPA, you can receive up to 100% financing on your down payment, meaning no down payment is required.

What are the qualifications?

The Boost DPA Program is available to both First-Time and Non-First-Time Homebuyers. Non-occupant co-borrowers are allowed, and the program is eligible in every state except for Washington. Furthermore, there are no income limits!

We look forward to using the Boost DPA to help you finance your down payment on your home. To learn more about how to take advantage of this program and get 100% of your down payment financed, send us an email and we will connect you with one of our Loan Officers.