AFR Renovation Loans Article

Need Funds to Renovate?

Is your home overdue for some updates? Looking at buying a home that's outdated? A renovation loan might be what you need!

Renovation loans are used for homes in need of repair. These loans make it possible to bundle in the cost of repairs with the mortgage, making it simpler and easier to pay for both.

Many homes could benefit from a renovation loan. Properties that were in foreclosure may have been neglected and could need repairs. Other homes that are aging may need larger renovations such as a new roof or structural fixes. Perhaps a home that is outdated needs more energy efficient doors and windows or carpet replacement. Maybe the home needs some installations for aging residents, such as a wheelchair ramp, lower counter tops, or grab bars. Whatever the update, there are options to aid in your endeavors.

Renovation loans are great for your next home, or a home you already own. Whether it’s the heating, air, plumbing, electrical systems, flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, or home office that needs updates, a renovation loan might be the answer!

If you’re looking to update your home, reach out to one of our loan officers! They would love to show you some options.