Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams

Senior Reverse Mortgage Specialist

  • NMLS #: 308146 |
  • AZ - 0947134 |
  • CA-DBO308146 |

Helping people realize their real estate dreams has been one of my passions. Having obtained a real estate agent while attending college, I vividly remember how exciting it was to help my first clients close on their first home. It was an amazing day for both of us!

I graduated with a business degree from the U of U and later received my MBA from BYU. Although I spent much of my career in corporate finance and management, I never lost my love of helping people with real estate.

After living in a variety of locations in the U.S. due to my corporate business assignments, my wife and I decided to move to St. George in 2005. Our whole family loves it here. We think St. George is the perfect place to live!

I have been a mortgage professional since 2009. This was a natural continuation of my passion to help people realize their real estate dreams. After being a partner in a mortgage brokerage for many years I joined Veritas Funding in February 2016. At Veritas Funding I focus on reverse mortgages, although I still help people with all types of mortgage needs.

When I’m not helping people with mortgages I’m usually out having fun with my family on a bike, a hike, a court, or a course. I just love hanging around in St. George!


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