Industry partner benefits of working with a LO

Benefits of Working with a Loan Officer

Loan officers can be a great addition to your team!

As small business owners expand their companies, entrepreneurs look for the next big thing, and families grow, movement often takes place. These big changes often coincide with hefty financial decisions as well.

If you’re an attorney helping an individual going through a divorce, likely they’re looking for somewhere new to live. Getting pre-approved for a loan not only helps you client lock their interest rates and helps them find the best available place to live, but can also help during mediation. An appraisal can be done on the home to give your client a sense of how much the property is worth and can help speed up the mediation process. 

For financial planners, you may find clients looking to buy properties as a form of financial investment. Ask a loan officer for help! They know the current housing market pitfalls, and their help could make a huge difference in the long run.

The list goes on. Whether you’re in the business of building, buying, or planning, a loan officer is a great teammate. With their inside scoop on the housing market, you’ll have a foot in the door when your client is looking for a new place to live. From prequalifying to locking in low interest rates, their industry knowledge can be a huge asset.

If you’re looking to strengthen your team, reach out to one of our loan officers today! They’d love to work with you and help your clients anyway they can.