Top places to buy a home under 300 K

Top Ten Places to Buy a Home Under $300k

Housing prices have increased quite a bit in the last few years, and these days it feels like $300k will get you a nice shack in the middle of the desert. However, there are actually plenty of lovely places where you could buy a beautiful home for under $300k. Here are ten cities you might want to consider, from the east to the west.

Apalachicola, Florida

Apalachicola is nestled along Florida's Gulf Coast. It’s known for its waterfront, quaint shops, and renowned oyster industry, offering a charming blend of Southern hospitality and coastal allure.

Average home value: $294,830

Population: 2,572

Cost of living: 7% lower than the U.S. average

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a beautiful city known for its tree-lined streets and historic architecture. It has rich history, a vibrant arts scene, and delicious Southern cuisine that make it a great destination for those seeking some classic Southern hospitality.

Average home value: $275,413

Population: 145,492

Cost of living: 11.6% lower than U.S. average

Columbia, South Carolina

Alongside the beautiful Columbia river, Columbia is a blend of urban attractions and natural beauty. Residents enjoy Columbia’s historical landmarks, vibrant cultural events, and a thriving culinary scene.

Average home value: $216,536

Population: 134,057

Cost of living: 1% lower than the U.S. average

Toledo, Ohio

Toledo is a bustling city known for its industrial history and diverse arts scene. Next to the Maumee River, Toledo blends urban with natural beauty.

Average home value: $109,013

Population: 275,116

Cost of living: 16% lower than the U.S. average

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, the Motor City, is a hub of art, culture, and innovation. It has a rich musical legacy, revitalized downtown, and a culinary and arts scene that reflects the city's enduring spirit of resilience and creativity.

Average home value: $65,823

Population: 672,351

Cost of living: 16% lower than the U.S. average

Gulfport, Mississippi

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport boasts stunning white-sand beaches and a great seafood. This city offers a great blend of relaxation, adventure, and Southern charm.

Average home value: $183,145

Population: 71,660

Cost of living: 11% lower than the U.S. average

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is nothing if not vibrant. It’s known for its music scene, Creole cuisine, and numerous festivals, and offers a unique blend of French, African, and American cultures, making it a city like no other.

Average home value: $260,904

Population: 391,249

Cost of living: 1.6% higher than U.S. average 

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a dynamic city with its impressive arts district, world-class dining, and rich cultural heritage. It has a great job market, and like many of the other cities on this list, it mixes both Southern charm and urban sophistication. Though the median household price is slightly higher than $300k, we still thought Dallas was worth adding to the list.

Average home value: $308,305

Population: 1,338,846

Cost of living: 1% higher than U.S. average

Trinidad, Colorado

Nestled within the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Trinidad offers plenty of outdoor adventure and natural beauty along with historic architecture and a vibrant arts community.

Average home value: $232,106

Population: 8,076

Cost of living: 11% lower than U.S. average 

Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls boasts scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities with it beautiful waterfalls and proximity to the Missouri River. It’s a place of natural beauty and Western hospitality.

Average home value: $292,312

Population: 58,717

Cost of living: 12.6% lower than the U.S. average

Housing doesn’t have to be unbearably expensive. Along with culture, activities, and nature, these beautiful cities all offer affordable housing so that you can own your home and live in a lovely place. Is your budget a little bigger? Then check out our article on the top ten places to live in the U.S.!