The California Housing Finance Agency

At Veritas Funding, we partner with several housing agencies to help you receive the best programs you can. One of these agencies is the California Housing Finance Agency.

The California Housing Finance Agency, also known as CalHFA, is the state’s affordable housing lender. It focuses on supporting low and moderate-income homebuyers to make homeownership more accessible. CalHFA provides financing and programs with an emphasis on equity. They provide first-time homebuyers with down payment and closing cost assistance, and they open up access to first mortgage loans. CalHFA is a self-supported state agency that doesn’t rely on taxpayers for its operational costs, instead administering state and federal resources on behalf of California.

CalHFA has created or preserved 78,000 units and has helped 220,000 homebuyers with owning a home. We are proud to work with this agency to help you own a home.