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Six Flowers to Plant in August

It's not too late to add to your garden this year!

There are few things more lovely than a beautiful, blooming garden of your own. The smell, the beauty, and the satisfaction that comes from cultivating your own garden is like a little slice of paradise. While flowers and gardening are often associated with springtime, the good news is that it’s not too late to add to your garden!

If you already have a green thumb or you’re itching to earn one, here are six beautiful flowers to plant this August.

1. Dahlias

Even in August, you can introduce dahlias into your garden. These perennials boast remarkable diversity, ensuring a vibrant display of colors and fascinating foliage that lasts from midsummer well into the autumn season.

2. Sunny Rudbeckias

Sunny rudbeckias (or black-eyed Susan) can brighten your garden with their daisy-like blooms that blaze in shades of yellow, red, and orange. They thrive in sunny locations and are easy to cultivate. Sunny rudbeckias are a great choice if you enjoy a vibrant and warm color scheme in your garden.

3. Marigolds

Marigolds are resilient against cooler temperatures, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy their blooms for longer before a freeze. Furthermore, their vibrant shades of yellow and orange are beautiful and will complement the warm hues of some of the other flowers we’ve listed.

4. Snapdragons

Not all the flowers on this list are sunshine yellow. Snapdragons can provide a different splash of color to your garden. Like marigolds, snapdragons can thrive until the first hard freeze, making them an ideal choice to plant in the late-season splendor. Moreover, they attract pollinators, making them a valuable addition to your garden. Whether you're looking to revitalize planters or rejuvenate beds, snapdragons are an excellent choice.

5. Nigellas

Nigella flowers boast a range of color, from pale blue to deep maroon. This annual flower is easy to grow, and now is an ideal time to plant them. Nigellas planted in August or early autumn typically result in earlier and more abundant blooms.

6. Sedums

The final flower on our list: sedums. These fluffy pink flowers can be a great addition to your garden. Sedums thrive in sunny locations with well-drained soil and are a drought-tolerant plant, requiring minimal watering once established. They have a late blooming period, which often extends well into the fall.

With these flower suggestions, we also want to add that you must regularly water your plants, especially during this hotter season. Good luck with your garden!