Beat the heat

Seven Ways to Beat the Heat!

Most people look forward to summer all year. School’s out, vacations are in, and there’s swimming and all sorts of summer activities to enjoy. However, sometimes we forget how blazing hot it can be. Even in your own home, the heat can be a challenging contender that’s only combatted by a skyrocketing electric bill. However, we’ve compiled a list of seven ways to beat the heat without cranking up the AC.

1. Close blinds and curtains.

This will keep the sunlight from pouring in and heating up your space. We also recommend getting white blinds, since white best reflects the sun.

2. Use ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are a cheaper alternative to air conditioning. For the most cooling effect, spin the fan counter-clockwise. Make sure to turn off the fan when you leave the room, as it’s only effective when you are in there.

3. Clean air conditioning filters.

By cleaning out your air conditioning filters every month or so, it ensures that your AC is working more efficiently, thus cutting down electric bill costs.

4. Use less hot water.

Use less hot water when taking your showers, as it heats up the space and adds a lot of extra humidity. When you do use hot water, make sure to run the vents, as that will help remove the heat and humidity.

5. Avoid using your stove.

Using the stove will heat up the house. Try alternative cooking methods, such as the microwave or an outdoor grill.

6. Turn off computers.

It’s a small thing, but computers can emit a lot of heat. Instead of leaving it on or even putting your computer to sleep, turn it all the way off.

7. Change to LED lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs not only last longer, but they emit less heat. By switching the lightbulbs in your house, you can reduce some of the heat.

Summer is hot, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. You can enjoy the heat by the poolside and the coolness within your home. We hope these tips will make your summer that much better!