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Interior Design Trends for 2023

I know what you’re thinking—we’re in month eight of 2023. Shouldn’t this article have come out in January? And to that I’ll say, “better late than never”. While January marks the beginning of the calendar year, for many of us, Late August/Early September also marks a new beginning, since summer is out and school is in session. If you’re looking to change up your house this year, here are some interior design trends we’ve seen in 2023.

Earthy Tones

Say goodbye to monochrome, neutral tones. I won’t miss them, personally. 2023 is putting some color back into homes, as people are gravitating towards putting earthy tones in their house. These tones add character and warmth and will help make your house feel more like a home instead of a sterile waiting room at the doctor’s.

Cozy Textures

Perhaps after being stuck inside for two years, we all realized that it was time to make our homes a bit cozier. People have begun incorporating soft fabrics into their home, such as velvet or mohair. A well-placed pillow is not only pretty, but cozy.

Artsy Rugs

Art doesn’t have to exist on a wall. People are incorporating more exciting, patterned rugs on the floor to bring some life and art to the room without using up wall space. I’m not suggesting you print out an image of the Mona Lisa on a rug, but perhaps don’t shy away from brighter colors or more dramatic patterns.

Paper and Fabric Lighting

As we move away from lighter color palettes, we are moving towards simpler lighting. Paper and fabric lighting is becoming increasingly popular. It casts a warm glow about the room and can make the room seem lighter and more playful.

Curvy Furniture and Décor

A couch is usually going to resemble a rectangle more than any other shape, but we’re seeing an increase in curved couches, furniture, and décor. This adds a unique, playful element to the space and makes the flow of the house feel more organic.

Of course, there are dozens of home décor trends, but these mark a few that we took note of. Whatever you decide, choose home décor elements that make you fall in love with your home even more.