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How to Maintain a Green Lawn with Less Water

We all want lawns of rich green grass, but it can be hard to maintain a pretty, green yard without using up a lot of water. Especially if you live in a drought-heavy area, you may be very conscious of the water you’re using. Here are four eco-friendly tips on how to keep your lawn green and to make the most of the water you do use.

1. Feed Your Grass

By using fertilizer, you’ll provide your lawn with nutrients to help it withstand weeds, heat and drought. You should fertilize your lawn twice in the spring and twice in the fall. Fertilize in early and late Spring, and in early and late fall.

2. Mow the right amount

Don’t shear your lawn. Most lawns will do best with a 3-4 inch cut. By keeping the grass a little longer, it allows your lawn to develop a better roots system for withstanding the heat and finding the water in the soil.

3. Leave Grass Clippings on your lawn

When you mow, leave the grass clippings on your lawn. The clippings will break down and provide nutrients to the soil. However, you need to make sure you are mowing frequently enough so that the grass clippings aren’t too long—otherwise, they could smother the grass.

4. Automatic rain-shut-off device

When enough rain has fallen, this inexpensive device will inform your irrigation system that your lawn already has enough water. Instead of over-watering your lawn, it will hold off on the sprinklers that day.

Green lawns can be hard to keep, especially when trying to conserve water, but these few tips can help you in your efforts to maintain a beautiful yard!