How to keep cool while house hunting

House hunting? Here’s how to cool down.

Summer is hot time for house hunting. Like, really hot. And with record-breaking temperatures, running around looking at houses might not seem so appealing. While you can’t dial down the degrees outside, here are a few tips to keep cool while house hunting.

Dress for the season

This may seem pretty obvious, but wearing loose clothing, shorts, dresses, or sandals will help a lot to keep you cool. When house hunting, function over fashion is preferable.

Stay Hydrated.

Bring a water bottle with you and make sure you keep drinking while going from house to house. Drink before you start your day of house-hunting and when you get back home afterwards.

Park in the Shade

There’s nothing like getting in your car and feeling like you’ve been shoved in an oven. Cracking the windows open and parking in the shade when possible will keep your car from heating up so much and will shorten the cool-down time needed when your car starts up again.

Visit in Mornings and Evenings

You may have a jammed packed schedule planned for the whole day, but consider taking the afternoon off. By going out in the morning and evenings, the temperature will be cooler. Besides, taking a break will give you time to think about the houses you have visited and prepare to see the next ones.

Summer heat can be daunting, but by following these simple tips, you can mitigate the heat and stay cooler while trying to find your next home. Happy hunting!