Make the Most of Your Small Space

Five Ways to Improve a Small Space

By Kayla LaFroth

If I could pick my dream house, the gigantic Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain would be at the top of the list. The giant marble staircases, the lion statues, and opulent décor is just up my alley, but unfortunately, such a home is not really in my budget. In fact, I’ve lived in some pretty small, crowded spaces. Unlike Malibu Barbie, you and I may not be able to afford our very own Dream House with all the space we could want, but it doesn’t mean we have to feel like we’re stuck in a closet. By making the best of a small space, you home can go from crowded to cozy. Here are five ways we can improve the space in our homes.

1. Use Small Furniture.

This may seem like an obvious hint, but this really can make a difference. By shoving in that huge, oversized couch you picked up at a yard sale, you may be hurting the space more than helping it. Stop asking yourself if you can fit it in—ask yourself if you should. Nesting tables, drop leaf tables, ottomans, and compact chairs might be some furniture items to consider when decking out your house.

2. Enlarge your space with mirrors.

Have you ever been in one of those mirror fun houses that looked so large until you crashed into your own reflection? I’m not recommending you model your home after the carnival, but the fact stands that mirrors can make a place feel larger and give it more depth. By setting up some mirrors in your home, it will help expand the space.

3. Declutter your home.

Taking the time to declutter is objectively not as fun as buying stuff for your house, but this will make a huge difference. As a sentimentalist, I know how difficult it can be to get rid of random trinkets, but your home will feel cleaner and roomier once you get rid of some of those non-necessities. For some ideas on how to better store your knick-knacks and souvenirs, check out this article.

4. Organize storage spaces.

Obviously you can’t just throw out all your belongings just to “open up the space”. If the storage bin section of Hobby Lobby makes your eyes sparkle, I have great news for you. By investing in some storage bins or baskets, you can better use the space you do have to store things in a way that still looks clean and put together.

5. Use lighter shades on your walls.

The rich red walls in the throne room of the Palacio Royal in Madrid look great, let me tell you. However, it might not have quite the same feel in your studio apartment. By painting your walls with lighter colors, the paint will reflect the light and make your home look larger.

By implementing these tips, you can enhance the space you have and make your home feel roomier. Sure, your 600-square-foot house might not look as spacious as the Royal Palace, but it will definitely look and feel quite a bit nicer.