Easy vacation ideas

Easy, Last-Minute Vacation Ideas

Summer is the time for vacations! And while it’s fun to fantasize about your dream trip, the reality is that vacations often require a lot of planning and a lot of money. However, you can still get out of the house without breaking the bank or traveling far and wide. Here are some ideas for quick, last-minute vacations.

Explore Your State

Maybe you’ve been living in your state for a long time, but chances are you haven’t seen everything. Do a little research and see if there are any cool landmarks or parks in your state that you haven’t had the chance to visit. Then, make a little vacation out of it!


If you want to get out and really enjoy nature, try camping! It’s an inexpensive way to get out of the house and try something new. Plus, a lot of campgrounds are going to be surrounded by some beautiful nature, so find the campground that is right for you and enjoy the great outdoors.


Maybe you don’t have time to go out of town…so don’t go out of town! You can book a hotel room in town or somewhere close just to change things up. Besides, with the money you’ve saved on gas or an airplane ticket, you can justify ordering some room service.

National Parks

Spend some time at a local national park. In the United States, there are 424 National Park Sites, making it very likely that there will be some parks not too far from you. Bigger national parks are going to provide more places for you to see, so you can visit for a day or for a few!

Nearby Cities

What’s the closest big city to you? Chances are you’ve visited it, but have you taken the time to stay there overnight? Take the time to enjoy the city that people from out of state will fly in to visit. Book a room and experience the cuisine, culture, and tourist spots of the city.

We often make vacations out to be a huge undertaking, but they don’t have to be. You can enjoy an easy, last-minute vacation that’s just around the corner!