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Linda Kingston

Loan Officer

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If you’re looking for a friendly and professional Loan Officer who will put your needs first, Linda Kingston should be at the top of your list.

Whether she’s around her teammates, clients, or even strangers, Linda is known for going above and beyond to ensure everyone around her achieves success. She loves meeting new people, taking on new challenges, and learning new things. Linda’s optimistic attitude and knack for organization make her easy to work with, and her attention to detail and commitment to punctuality make her easy to trust.

When Linda isn’t busy in the office, she enjoys cooking, sewing, and making the most out of each and every day. She’s a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, and she loves spending time with her family whenever she can.


Mount Shasta is also known as “The Lying Lady”.

The two volcanic peaks are representative of a

Lady lying down. The left peak represents a profile

of her head with her eyes shadowed and her

nose is prominent. The right peak is representative

of her chest with her arms folded over.

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