The Loan Process

Everyone attacks buying a home differently. Some people prefer visualizing their home a certain way, others prefer a more practical approach. When you finally decide on the perfect home for you, the significant work comes. For first-time homebuyers, it can be a confusing process. Your loan office...

FHA Loan Requirements

What is Mortgage Insurance?

How to Resolve Home Repair Issues

After there is a contract in place with a buyer and seller, there are some contingencies that need to take place before the closing of the home. Many have to do with the financing, but a major one has to do with the home inspection. As with any significant purchase, no home is perfect. As a way t...

Credit Scores Explained

Sometimes your credit score can be as simple to understand as calculus. Unless you are wealthy, most people will need credit in order to purchase something expensive like a house or car. Knowing this, you should have a basic knowledge of your credit score and how it affects your purchasing power....

Mortgage Insurance

One of the tops signs of a healthy and growing country is the percentage of people that own homes. It is in the best interest of the country to offer multiple options for people to purchase a home. We need to clear up the myth that a potential buyer needs a 20% down payment to get a home. As with...

How Technology can Change Home Insurance

Technology can also change the way we conduct home insurance proceeding as well. Let’s take a look at how technology can change home insurance.

Side Gigs you can Use to Pay off your Home

There are ways you can use your home to make some money on the side that will help you pay the mortgage. Try some of these ideas if you are looking for a little help paying your loan off a little faster.

FHA Loans

Before you think that an FHA loan is the answer to all your dreams, know about the rules before you jump in.

New Construction Upgrades that Add Value

It may be tempting to customize a new build to meet your needs. However, it is better to think about your home as a long-term investment. Here are a few upgrades that make more sense and add value.