Side Gigs you can Use to Pay off your Home

There are ways you can use your home to make some money on the side that will help you pay the mortgage. Try some of these ideas if you are looking for a little help paying your loan off a little faster.

New Construction Upgrades that Add Value

It may be tempting to customize a new build to meet your needs. However, it is better to think about your home as a long-term investment. Here are a few upgrades that make more sense and add value.

Renovation Hacks

Hiring a professional to renovate your home can be expensive. You can do some renovations yourself. Here are some great ways to hack your renovation.

Zero Down Mortgage

What are three programs that will offer you a zero down option?

New Build Budget Busters

Are you considering building a home? Make sure you know some of the hidden costs of building a house.

The Best Ways to Invest in your Home

The best part about your home is that you can live in the investment. The better you take care of it, the more you will profit out of your investment.

What you should know about Investment Properties

What is a better investment than your home? If you are thinking of owning a home for investment reasons, make sure you know everything you can before taking the plunge.

Is a pool a good return on investment?

A pool is the best way to cool down in the summer. As fun as it is to visit a splash pad, local pool, or water park, how much more fun would it be if the pool was in your backyard? Having a pool would be great, but is it a good investment? Will you get any return on your investment?

What Government Programs are available for First-Time Homebuyers?

You might have a steady job and a good amount of money saved for a down payment, but you might still be facing an uphill climb. Here are some excellent government assisted programs for first-time homebuyers that might be just right for you and your situation.

Things a good loan officer will do for you

Getting a home can be an exciting and nerve-racking experience. There are a lot of moving parts that make owning a home both very frustrating and also exhilarating. One of the big pieces of the home buying puzzle is the loan officer.