This may not be a popular topic for many. As September and October roll past, it’s time to start preparing for the cold. It’s much easier to start winterizing your home before it’s buried under two feet of snow. Fortunately, this is not an expensive task, and is even likely to save on utility expenses. Here are a few steps to prepare your house before winter hits.

  1.     Cleaning: Gutters and chimneys are much more difficult to clean once it snows. Make sure you take care of this early on.
  2.     Waterproof: Doors and windows are the first place the cold air is going to sneak into the house. One of the most inexpensive options to tackle this task is weather-stripping tape. A more long-term solution would be investing in storm windows and doors.
  3.     Heating: Check the furnace to make sure it’s working properly. It likely has not been turned on since last winter. The filters may need to be replaced.
  4.     Insulation: Check the attic for proper amounts of insulation. Where needed, install foam insulation behind interior and exterior power outlets.
  5.     Pipes: Drain any exterior pipes or sprinkler systems, and remove any hoses. If you own a lawn mower, remove the gasoline from the tank.  
  6.     Snow Removal: Make sure you have shovels and ice scrapers for any automobiles. Where appropriate, ice preventing salt may be helpful.
  7.     Emergency Preparedness: In case of a large snow storm, have some food and water storage in the home. It’s also a good idea to keep a small amount of food and water in each car too.
  8.     Clothing: It may go without saying that coats, hats, and gloves are important for winter. It’s also a lot more comfortable to make sure you have enough before you walk out to your car one morning and it’s below freezing, covered in snow.