During the summer, the number one thing people think about is the sun. In almost anywhere you live, the increased amount of sun and daylight give you more opportunities to do things outdoors. It is easier to go camping, swimming, biking, and other outdoor activities. The summer also brings hot temperatures. In your eternal search to stay cool during the summer, often you turn to air conditioning. As we have all experienced, your power bill climbs quickly when you are turning on the air conditioning every day. We are all looking for ways to save on our utility bills. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your most expensive summer bill.

Sun Blocking Curtains

During the winter, or during the cooler summer nights, a little sunshine through your window can do you a world of good. During the hottest hours though, it heats up the house and makes your air conditioner work that much more. To prevent the heat coming in through your window consider getting sun blocking curtains. They can prevent a lot of heat coming in so intensely and cool things down in the house while saving your air conditioner.

Water Heater

You probably don’t need the hottest water in your shower or sink during the summer. Did you know you could change the temperature on your water heater? When you are using your water in the summer, it isn’t really necessary to ratchet the heat of your water so high. Water heaters take up about 18% of your home energy use, so just by lowering the temperature on the water heater you can save a lot on your energy bill.

Reusable Air Filter

Air filters make air conditioning work better. If your filter gets clogged, this makes your air conditioning work harder and in turn, costs more money. A great way to save money is to replace all your disposable filters with reusable ones. They may cost more at the onset, but they are washable and can last years. They will save you time and money and give your air conditioning a good filter every 30 days.


You are in control of your thermostat. It is easy to leave your thermostat to do its job and not adjust it to save you more. By raising the temperature just a little it can save you a lot. It may be tempting to keep it really cool inside, but your body is really good at adjusting. Just like 60 in the summer feels different than 60 in the winter, your body handles adjustments over time.

Flat-Rate Utilities

Talk to your utility company to see if they have a flat-rate utility program. If you enroll in the program they estimate the amount of energy you will expand in your home and charge you the same amount every month based on the average you spend each month. To find out how the program works, talk to your local energy company to find out if it is something that will work for you.

By using these energy saving tips, you can cool down not only in your home but cool down from the stress of a high energy bill every month.