Top Workplaces, sponsored by the Salt Lake Tribune, is an annual award recognizing the best places to work in the state of Utah.

Each year, a survey is sent to employees of companies from all over the state, inquiring about their company, culture, management and more. This year, 35,000 surveys were sent, and of those, 22,000 response were received. To put in perspective what an honor it was to be nominated, only 85 companies in Utah made the list this year.

Of those 85, one was chosen within each category: Small, Midsize and Large companies. Veritas Funding took the gold in the Midsize category! Knowing this is based on an entirely anonymous and voluntary survey completed by our employees, makes this achievement even more special.

Receiving Top Workplace within our category was a tremendous honor, but perhaps an even greater honor was receiving the Managers Award during the leadership portion of the ceremony. We knew we’d been nominated as a top workplace, but this additional, a very special award came as a complete surprise. The Managers Award is given to the company whose employees feel they have the best relationship with their managers. This award is given solely off of employee responses, and we are so honored to have received it!

Many factors go into a great workplace. Here are some reasons why Veritas Funding was voted as the Top Workplace in Utah.


Veritas Funding has always valued the input of their employees. They value open conversations at all levels. Employees are encouraged to reach out to their supervisors or upper management to ask questions, provide feedback or offer suggestions to make Veritas a better workplace for everyone. They meet each week to go over questions people have and to get to know each other better. They spotlight an employee each week and ask them why they love to work at Veritas. Everyone can give input either through asking questions or leaving a comment in our suggestion box.


All levels of management are forthright with information about the company, about the mortgage industry and any other data that is important for employees to do their job. They want their employees to be successful in their jobs and have all the information they need to be better at communicating with their customers.


Veritas Funding has a vision for the company 8-12 months in the future and beyond. Technology is an increasingly significant part of the mortgage experience, so they invest in technology that will help them be on the cutting edge of the industry. If they feel like a new technology will help them give their customers a better experience, they invest in it.

Fun/Work Balance

Some places of business work too hard. Others have way too much fun. As a family conscious company, Veritas believes in achieving a balance in the workplace. They believe in providing an amazing customer service experience and they work hard to achieve that goal. They also have an amazing variety of fun events, from company parties to holiday events, to a weekly Treat Trolley that always seems to come at the right time.

Veritas attracts people that want to obtain success in the right way. In an industry that is in constant flux, it is nice to know that they have the leadership that guides their employees to do things the right way, despite all the external forces that try to take shortcuts to success.

We are extremely humbled that Veritas was voted the Top Workplaces in Utah and are excited to be such a great place to work.