When your kids have flown the coop and your family home is starting to feel a little empty, it’s time to consider downsizing your abode.   While this can be an emotional roller coaster for some the thought of cutting back on maintenance and costs is a welcome reprieve for others.  Before you start packing your boxes and planning your next big adventure, consider these tips in finding the perfect empty nester home.

Give yourself plenty of time.  Don’t wait until the home has become too much to run or your finances mandate the move.  Be sure to think about all the options and leave yourself plenty of time to research your move and everything else it will affect.   When you are rushed to sell your home, and move into another you may find that what you end up with isn’t really the best option for you. 

Look into senior living communities.  Moving to a senior community doesn’t mean you have to give up privacy or freedom.  Many senior communities are such just because they place age restrictions on the residents who live there to better cater to the demographic of the neighborhood.  Typically a senior community will have a schedule of activities to keep you active and a large group of potential friends.  Some even offer a large clubhouse the you can use for large family get togethers, so you can still get the entire family together.

While you are considering what type of community you want to live in, keep in mind the area as well.  Will you have easy access to stores?  Will you be changing churches or gyms?  Can your family visit easily or is it all the way across town?  While you definitely will be making new friends wherever you go think about how accessible you will be to visit or retain old ones. 

If you aren’t planning to buy all new furniture when you move be sure to confirm your existing items will fit in the new space.  Measure all the furnishings you plan to move with you and that they will work in the smaller space you will have.  You would hate to move in and then realize you have no place to display a beautiful heirloom piece. 

When the time comes to make the move to a smaller home there are many things to keep in mind.  These tips may not have been items on your list but they are important to consider.  There are many resources out there for seniors when it comes to housing and financing options.  Be sure to contact a professional in your area to help make your downsizing plan today.