Fall can be a great time to sell your home.  Sales may not be as crazy as during the summer, but fall tends to attract more serious buyers who are looking to find a place before the winter hits.  Here are some tips when preparing your home to sell:

Consider Curb Appeal

Fall brings with it a lot of leaves.  It may seem like a never-ending task, but make sure to keep your yard raked and your gutters free of leaves.  Keeping a well-manicured lawn will show buyers the yard’s potential, even if it's not at peak season.  Many of your plants may start to turn brown and die off as well.  Maintaining your yard at this point in the season will be an ongoing task, so set aside time to do yardwork at least once a week.

Also consider adding some late blooming flowers to your garden.  Chrysanthemums are a low-maintenance fall flower and can add a pop of color to your yard.  If the weather is too cold for flowers, decorate your front porch instead.  Try adding a decorative wreath to your front door or a few pumpkins to line your step.

Add Light

Days start to get shorter in autumn, and the sun sets earlier.  Selling homes can be trickier when it gets dark earlier.  For open houses and showings, consider bringing in extra lamps to brighten the space.  To better showcase your yard, think about installing outdoor landscape lighting.  This could include path lights, flood lights or deck lights.

Add Seasonal Décor

Take advantage of autumn-themed décor when staging your house.  It can instantly make your home feel cozier.  Clean out the fireplace, and add rustic decorations to the mantelpiece.  Add warmth to your living space by adding blankets and throw pillows in deep, rich colors.  Fill vases throughout the house with flowers, decorative leaves, or pinecones.  Instead of bright, light colors, focus on a giving your space a rustic, lodge-like feel. You want to make potential buyers see your house as a place where they can cozy up during the winter and feel at home during the holidays.

Stay on Top of Repairs and Maintenance

Make sure that your house is ready for winter.  Buyers want a home that won’t require a lot of repairs or renovations as soon as they move in.  Doing things like checking your furnace, changing the filter, and checking the damper in your fireplace can go a long way toward prevention.  Don’t forget to prepare your yard for the winter as well. Take off your garden hoses and turn off your sprinklers so that water won’t freeze during the winter and crack your pipes.  Clean out your gutters to prevent any future ice damage, and make sure that downspouts point far enough away from your house to prevent foundation damage.  All of these things will show buyers how well you have maintained your home.