If you want to spend some time outdoors, but didn’t master in scouting, there is a new way to go camping. They call it glamour camping, or “glamping”. It is just a gentler way of saying that you want to camp, but don’t want to “rough it”. There are of different ways you can do glamping. Try some of these accessories and other items to make your next camping trip more comfortable and accessible to all varieties of people.

Leather Butterfly

There is nothing like sitting by a campfire, roasting marshmallows for S’mores, and just engaging in some conversation. Instead of sitting on a log, a bench or the ground, sit comfortably on a nice leather butterfly chair. They are just as easy to transport as a canvas chair, but way softer.


Even during the summer months, the overnight weather can take a turn for the worse, and get quite chilly at night. Keep comfortably warm with a shawl. This doubles as a blanket and a sweater and is perfect for those cool summer nights.

Portable Barbecue

The best part of a campout is the food. Cooking over the fire gives it a savory and smoky flavor, but takes a lot of time. Bringing along a portable barbecue provides a more accessible alternative to cooking when the open fire doesn’t quite work out or is being used to roast marshmallows. A portable grill is comfortable to transport and clean.

A cooler bag

When you need some cold drinks, but can’t bring along your refrigerator, and don’t want to haul a bulky cooler, try this alternative. A cooler bag with handles allows you transport some drinks in a bag.

Outdoor cushions

When you don’t have a chair or don’t want to sit on one, some comfy outdoor cushions can be just the right alternative. Bring along lots of different colors so each person can keep track of theirs and there aren’t fights about who was using which cushion.

Mobile Projector

Are you trying to get away, but can’t entirely leave all your technology at home? Do you want to watch a scary movie out in the wilderness to make it even more so? Bring along a mobile projector and a white sheet and you can have your home theater outside in the woods with you. Hook it up and you can watch some Netflix in the great outdoors.

String lights

Do you want to bring a little bit of your backyard to the outdoors? How about bringing some battery powered string lights to add mood and atmosphere to your campsite. These battery powered lights can be strung up on trees or a hammock you have set up for the trip.

There are times “roughing it” is more fun, but when you have a family trip and you don’t want to go to the extreme, try some of these fun accessories. A fun camping trip doesn’t always mean you have to leave all your luxuries at home.