4 Ways to Make a House A Home for under $1000

  1.        Paint yourself-  adding creative colors to the walls of your home can instantly make it feel homier.  Many houses feature a color scheme that will appeal to the masses but that doesn’t mean it will appeal to you.  Hiring a professional painting crew can get expensive so doing the job yourself can save a lot of money.  Another great benefit of painting yourself is that you can chunk the job down into smaller projects and take it room by room.  This will also alleviate the shock to your budget since you can spread the expense of the paint and supplies over several weeks or months.
  2.        Add a rug-  Replacing the flooring in your home can be a messy and expensive process.  Generally, there are just a few areas that need an update or some TLC.  You can brighten up any room or make it cozier simply by adding a rug.  You can splurge on a fancy rug if you so choose but there are several affordable options available both online and in stores.  You can also have a very affordable remnant of carpet made into a rug from scraps at many carpet retailers. 
  3.        Use inventory sites like Overstock and Wayfair- There is nothing like spending an afternoon in a furniture store picking out the perfect new sofa then being knocked out by the huge price tag.  The same goes for much of the home décor stores that are out there.  Using online sites to search for these items can typically lead to huge savings. 
  4.        DIY your home décor- Whether or not you consider yourself a crafter online like Pinterest are filled with simple but elegant DIY projects for your home.  You can find tutorials for anything from your living room mantel to custom trash can covers.  If you have a little spare time you can seriously save thousands by creating your own décor.