The best part about owning a home is that you can customize it to meet the needs of your family. Whether you are a small family that needs a small indoor space and a large yard for outdoor play, or a large family that requires a lot of rooms and a studio to play music. With a lot of people in your home, you might have a lot of noise that makes it hard to sleep, study, write or concentrate. There are solutions to the noise pollution in your home. Try some of these methods to better reduce the noise in your home.

Build a Bookshelf

If you have two children’s rooms with a connected wall, the noise created in those rooms can cause arguments, especially if one child is making noise to irritate their sibling. Try to place a bookshelf on the walls of one or both of their rooms to reduce the sound going in and out. Plus, who couldn’t use more books to read as an alternative for the constant social media and screen time?


With many new homes covering the floor space with hardwood floors that make a lot of noise, muffle the constant floor creeks with some well-placed rugs. Match the carpets with the furniture and they can pull together the design as well.


Most homes have a lot of windows and that is often where a lot of noise comes through. As lovely as it is to have the natural light and heat pouring through your windows, the noise from the outside can make it hard to sleep and concentrate on other essential tasks. There are now curtains that not only block light but also absorb sound as well. Hanging those allow you to let the light and noise in when it is light, but block out distractions when you need a more zen environment.

Soundproofing materials

More and more people are working out of their homes with work that requires quiet. Writers, podcasters, musicians often need to do their jobs without the outside noise distracting them, and their noise causing a ruckus in the rest of the house. There is relatively inexpensive materials you can purchase to put on the walls that allow you to soundproof a room.


Appliances can be a big part of the noise in your house. If you have the washer and dryer running at the same time as the dishwasher it can cause a lot of noise pollution in your home. Appliances have come a long way in recent years. If it is time to swap out the old washing machine, it might be time to consider a new quieter dishwasher. They not only save you money by being more efficient, but they reduce all that distracting noise in your home.

Your house doesn’t have to be the noisy house on the block. With a little work, you can make it the fun one with all the people, but not the one people complain about the noise.