As a seller in this market, it is often difficult to make your home stand out. Especially in an area where lots of home are the same, a lot of times it comes down to how you market the home. Don’t just depend on your agent to do all the work. Be proactive. Use some of these tips to help market your home and get it off the market faster than all those similar houses.

Create a website

When people are doing research on homes, they want to know all about the things that are important to them. Creating a website can be a simple thing that allows people to see pictures and the features about your house. A website can be a place where they can get to know your house’s story.

Use social media

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your home. You can create a slideshow with photos the show the best features about your house and spread that to your family and friends. If they know someone who is looking they can share that to others. You may be able to put that on Facebook groups that are related to selling homes, especially in your area.

Create signs

Creating some signs and posting them up in areas nearby your house can be effective. Just make sure you find out if it is legal to do in your area.


Creating a video of a tour of your home can be really effective. As Facebook’s algorithm is moving more and more toward video as a preference on what is posted on your feed, making a video becomes way more effective. It can also be posted on YouTube. Then when you have a video it will be something you can post on the website you created. It is something more agents are doing these days and it is something you can do as well.


Neighbors can be a great way to market your property organically. If they know you are selling and they know someone is buying they can make that connection. As an added bonus, if their friend does buy they get to be neighbors and that is best for everyone.


Auctions are an option. While many people think auctions only happen to property owned by banks, an auction “handled professionally and efficiently, is better than other methods of selling property”, say Pam Rose, of Pam Rose Auction company. In fact, with auctions, there are no guarantees to the buyer, so that can save the hassle of having to show the home multiple times to many different potential buyers.

Cash Rebate

Offering a cash rebate, covering of the closing costs or other incentives can be a little something to incentivize a buyer to want to buy.

Selling a home may take a little work, but just like any project, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.