Spring break and summertime is a great time to entertain some guests that live far away. A visit from friends or family can be an excellent time for all. When you have your visitors, think about the treatment you want when you go their house. There are some things you might not think about when you have them to visit, so here are a few things to avoid doing when having guests.


You want to be comfortable when you are at home. Make your guests as comfortable by giving them decent bedding, sheets, and towels. No one wants to stay long at a house that has ratty sheets or old, smelly sheets you store in the basement. If you save your sheets in the basement, wash them first before putting them on a guest bed, so they feel at home.


You don’t have to give the guests the most comfortable beds in the house. But you don’t have to provide them with the least comfortable beds either. If all you have is a pullout couch that doesn’t have a good mattress, think about getting some blow-up beds, which are a little more comfortable, and work well especially for kids. If you wouldn’t want to sleep a few nights on the beds you provide, then guests probably won’t want to either.


Having the proper meals for a family of visitors may take a little work and money. It is important to remember that a lot of people have dietary restrictions now. Ask them about their food restrictions. If they know you are concerned about the kinds of food they need, it will show them how much you care about the visit.


Since you don’t always use a guest room, a lot of the time, it becomes an all-around utility room. You probably use a lot of the space in your guest room most of the time. Be considerate of guests and take the time to create some space in your extra bedroom, so your visitors have a little space for their luggage. Clearing out space will help them and also you, so all your guest's things aren’t overflowing into the rest of the house.


When guests come to visit for vacation, they do their best to bring all the necessary items they need for their visit. However, due to limited space, they might forget the essentials. It is a courtesy to provide at least some soap and shampoo in the bathroom, so your guests to use in case they forget, or to make their limited travel size toiletries last a little longer.


It is important to remember that guests are taking some time off to visit you while on vacation. Vacation is a time to relax. Don’t plan so many activities that they get exhausted. Gauge their interest in activities, and take that as a cue to find out how much they would like to do. If you don’t know, ask. They will be glad to tell you what they have in mind.

Comforts of home

Guests want to feel like they are at home as much as possible, especially their kids. Make sure the temperature is at a comfortable level. Another thing to consider is sharing the Wi-Fi password and making the television instructions accessible in case others want to use the television while you are gone.

Preparing your home for guests is a simple matter of treating them how you would want to be treated. While you may not have all the luxuries, guests will appreciate you going out of your way to make your home as hospitable as possible.