Just like the stock market, the housing market goes through its ups and downs. When there is a surplus of houses, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home. It just says you have to be better at showcasing the positive aspects and finding the right buyer. Sometimes that can be difficult and expensive, but with better technology available to us now, there are some high-tech ways you can market your home. Here are three high-tech ways you can use to make your home more marketable.

Virtual Staging

One of the best ways to showcase your house is to stage it. Staging is a growing industry that helps you show your home in the best possible light. You can do it yourself, but it can be time-consuming. You can hire a staging professional, but that can be expensive. Even if you stage your home, you may not get the exposure you are hoping for. Virtual staging offers a couple of distinct advantages. First, if you want to expand your reach for your home, a virtual staging tour can be done for someone from a long distance. Second, a virtual staging isn’t limited to one look. One family may find your staged home appealing, whereas another may see it not to their taste. A virtual stage can show a family many looks that will appeal to their liking. Also, you can look at the home at different times of the day. While a professional staging job can cost several thousand dollars, virtual staging usually only costs in the hundreds.

Drone Footage

The best way to tell the story of your house is to show it. While great photos will tell people the story of the inside of the home, drone footage can give them a complete picture. With drone footage, you can show how the house interacts with the neighborhood. Footage can show how close you are to the mountains, hiking trails, parks, grocery stores and recreation. Words can tell a story about the home, but good drone footage shows and that it is something that can be infinitely more valuable. Make sure you hire a drone pilot that is not just a flyer, but a visual storyteller. Collaborate with them to help them tell the story of your house.

3-D Tours

Virtual reality is a growing trend for games and entertainment. The real estate industry has started to understand its value as well. It’s another great way to show potential buyers in a visually appealing way just how great a property can look. A virtual tour is a way to make your home stand out from the competition. Also, it can save both the real estate agent and the buyer time and expense of going to a house. Just like the virtual staging, it can broaden the reach of your home to buyers outside of the area.

Technology and homebuying is a great combination and an excellent way to market your home. If you are serious about making your home stand out from the competition, these ways are a great way to do it.