As many are aware, Veritas has a strong connection with the Utah community. As such, part of our mission as a company, "community outreach is not something that we do. Rather, it's a core part of who we are as individuals and as an organization."

Since March 2017, Veritas Funding has been involved with Habitat for Humanity, specifically building a home for the Orr Family. We have devoted time and service to ensure that this worthy family is given a home they can grow in. 

We were recently awarded the 2018 Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity Community Builder’s Award at the Hammers and Hope 2018 Spring Gala. While we don’t seek for accolades, we are pleased that the work we have done will provide hope for the Orr’s and many other families. It has inspired us to do more each year to ensure that great families like the Orr’s can gain the American dream of living in a home.

We are also pleased to give you an update on the Orr Family home. The house is expected to be completed by the end June 2018.

We are proud to be a part of this project and this great community. We hope that this will provide the Orr family with the home they need to succeed and pay it forward to their kids and future generations.