4 Budget-Friendly DIY Projects to do Before Moving into Your New Home

Congratulations, you are a new homeowner! Now that the home is all yours I am sure that you are looking for little ways to make it your own, this is a short list of DIY projects to do just that on a budget.


Project #1: Update Your Faucets and Ceiling Lamps

Wait! Before you go off and say this isn’t a hack that is budget friendly hear me out. You don’t have to replace your faucet or ceiling lamps. Instead, you can grab a can of Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic spray paint and transform those outdated brass fixtures into classic home stables!

All you have to do is just remover the fixtures from the sink or ceiling and spray a coat or two of spray paint, and they will look like you went out to Lowes to buy whole new fixtures and spent over 10x as much time and money as you did.

Check out the original inspiration here: https://www.sincerelysarad.com/painted-faucet/


Project #2: Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before you go “Extreme Home Makeover” on your kitchen, take a step back to see if you would make more sense to resurface those cabinets than to demolish them!

A fresh coat of paint or gel stain can take your cabinets from looking like they were from the 1500’s to looking like they come from this century. Then your budget for a full kitchen remodel won’t feel so unbearable.

Check out an example to your right: 


Project #3: Add a Backsplash

Does your kitchen still scream BORING to you even after you resurfaced those cabinets? That’s okay! A simple way to update your kitchen or bathroom vanity would be to add a backsplash.  

First, decide on your favorite style of backsplashes, then go to your closest hardware store and get the supplies. Then you can roll up your sleeves, and get going on your transformation. The best part? It’s saving you significant cash while also adding your flare to your home!

If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out: https://www.bhg.com/kitchen/backsplash/


Project #4: Add a Little Light to Your Kitchen

Continuing your mini kitchen remodel, a quick and simple way to update your kitchen is by adding some lighting below your cabinets. Whether you decide to put the light in and wire it to your wall or mount touch lamps under the cabinets, it will feel more bright and inviting.

Transform your kitchen from drab to fabulous by just adding a little bit of light!

Check out a look like that here:

Adding a few signature touches of your own before moving in will bring a little more of you to your new home, so whether it’s a big or small change each little DIY project will help create a space all your own!