As you grow and progress in life, you go through many stages. In homes, you go through many of the same stages. You start in your parent’s home, then maybe get an apartment in college, a starter home as a young family, and then you get to a stage in life where you want the home of your dreams. This is another word for your forever home. A place where you want to put down roots. In order to get your forever home, you need to get all the space and comforts in a home you want the for the next 30 plus years of your life.

What will you need to do to prepare for this important decision?

Home Loan

First thing first. You need to get a home loan. This home loan will give you the information you need to find out what your budget is for the home. It will help you know what homes to look for, what square footage you can afford and how many rooms and space you can afford.

Real Estate Professional

A real estate agent can help you through all the ins and outs of the home buying process. When a real estate agent knows what you need as a buyer, they can pinpoint the homes in the areas you want to look for. They can help you find the home in the right size, with the amenities you want, and can often help you negotiate a price that suits your budget. Finding an agent you can trust can make all the difference in your “forever home” buying experience.

List Features

Make sure you are upfront about all the features you want in a home with your significant other and agree upon them before you start your search. It would be good to break up the features into must haves, would be happy with, and dream features. They can be as simple as having two sinks in a bathroom, or bigger wishes like a three-car garage. Think of all the things you will need in the future, especially if you expect a larger family, or if you have a lot of visitors. Do you need a large yard? A kitchen with lots of space and cupboards? Make sure your expectations are known to your family and your agent.

Explore the Neighborhood

As your “forever home” will be a more permanent part of your life, make sure you like the neighborhood as well. Is there a park or play area in the neighborhood for your kids? What is the HOA like? Do they have strict requirements? Is it close to freeways or public transportation? What are some things you are expecting about the neighborhood? Take those into account as you are searching for your “forever home”.

Be Informed

Make sure you go through all the steps in the right order and be thorough. Make sure you talk with your real estate agent and get the right comps in the area. Get a home inspection and make sure you are comfortable with the condition of the house. Make sure you give a serious offer, as this first one can make a strong impression.

As you start your search for your forever home, enjoy the process. Make sure you are doing the work toward the search and you will be happy in the home you choose.