There are apps for everything you need in your life: grocery shopping, budgeting, running, babies; the list goes on. With so many apps, you would think that everyone would constantly download new apps to keep up with their busy lives, right?  Wrong.  App downloads are on the decline as of late, but why?

Interest.  When someone first gets a smartphone, they download an app for every aspect of their life. As time goes on, they only use two out of the thirty apps they download. Some people would rather do things without an app because of the extra hassle. People know that if they aren’t going to use an app more than a few times, they’re not going to download it in the first place.

Storage. Not only are people not interested in downloading apps simply because the app doesn’t interest them, it takes up storage space. When there are thirty unused apps on your phone, those apps take up a lot of storage space. This means that there is less space on the phone for photos, songs and other media.

Cost. Every app available for download is not free. Apps can cost anything from a dollar to twenty five dollars, but just because an app costs money doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily worth it.

With all of these things in mind, Veritas Funding has made an easy way for you to apply for a mortgage on your phone without downloading another app.  Just hop online and fill out the application and you’re done. Click here for more information and to start the loan process.