In true millennial fashion saving for your first home has gone mobile.  Believe it or not here are a few apps to help with just that…

Simple- True to its name this app makes managing your budget so easy.  It will tell you how much money you have left over to spend (or save) after taking your goals and bills into account. 

YNAB-  YNAB stands for “you need a budget” and its goal is to give you just that.  This app has a 34 day free trial period to let you test the waters.  You connect your accounts so that the app can decide just how much you are working with.  Then, you set up your spending categories (or use their defaults) to track where your money is going.  The interface looks very user-friendly and since it is an app is easy to use on the go.

Tiller- Do you love manually entering in data and tracking spending in spreadsheets?  Yeah, neither do I, but Tiller offers a solution that does it for you.  Link you accounts and walk through the setup tutorial to create an automated spreadsheet that is customized to your financial goals (also offers a 30 day free trial).

Digit- This brainy app checks your spending habits and automatically moves a few dollars from your checking if you can afford it.  You can withdraw your money anytime from your digit account but won’t see it in your checking account for frivolous spending. 

Tip Yourself- This is by far my favorite spending but saving app out there!  Tip yourself does just what it says.  You reward yourself for different things by giving yourself a “tip.”  You have unlimited transactions for those times you are on fire.  This way you can save for your down payment or for anything you deem worthy of breaking into your tip jar.

No matter how you decide to start or manage your savings these tools can help.  What are some of your favorite budgeting/saving apps?  Do you use them frequently?  Do they help you save?