Jumbo Loans

The rules and requirements for Jumbo loans are different than conventional loans and as such it is good to get educated about what Jumbo loans are and what you need to know about them before you apply for one.

Surprising Facts about Luxury Homes

Luxury houses have anything you could imagine, from pools to movie theatres to full-size basketball courts. While it is fun to imagine yourself in one, there are some tricky things to deal with that are different from conventional homes.

How to Reduce Noise in Your Home

The best part about owning a home is that you can customize it to meet the needs of your family. With a lot of people in your home, you might have a lot of noise that makes it hard to sleep, study, write or concentrate. There are solutions to the noise pollution in your home.

Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Over the years, designers have perfected the indoor space to the point where just about anything is available for the inside of your house. On the other hand, the outdoor space for many years was a simple area. Look at some more original ideas for your outdoor area.

Reasons Why Your Home Isn't Selling

For whatever reason you need to sell your home, it is always hard to leave somewhere that represented a place where you hung your hat. What are some of the reasons why your home isn’t selling?

Questions you should ask a Builder before Building

When the demand is high, one of the options may be to build. If you have the time, this option might be right for you. You still have questions though. What questions should you ask a builder before you sign a contract?

Annual Union Heights Backpack Drive

It is time once again for the annual Veritas Funding backpack drive! Over 13 years ago, Veritas Funding started an annual backpack drive to help local school children

Recent Trends In Housing

Knowing some of the trends in housing will give you a leg up when trying to find the best home at the greatest possible prices. Here are some of the latest housing trends that will help give you the edge when it comes to buying your perfect home.

What you should know about Investment Properties

What is a better investment than your home? If you are thinking of owning a home for investment reasons, make sure you know everything you can before taking the plunge.

Is a pool a good return on investment?

A pool is the best way to cool down in the summer. As fun as it is to visit a splash pad, local pool, or water park, how much more fun would it be if the pool was in your backyard? Having a pool would be great, but is it a good investment? Will you get any return on your investment?