Veritas Funding First Mortgage Company to Roll Out Electronic Disclosures Through Blend

Veritas Funding First Mortgage Company to Roll Out Electronic Disclosures Through Blend

Answers to Your Short Sale Questions

Should you buy a single-family unit? How about a Townhome or Condo? There are investment homes, and then there is something called a short sale. What is a short sale? Is a short sale something you should invest in? What are the ins and outs of a short sale?

High-Tech Ways to Sell Your Home

Just like the stock market, the housing market goes through its ups and downs. When there is a surplus of houses, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home. It just says you have to be better at showcasing the positive aspects and finding the right buyer.

Salt Lake Summer Events

The first official day of summer is just around the corner. There is no shortage of fun events to attend in the Salt Lake City area. Start making plans now to attend these exceptional activities.

Fire Hazards In Your Home

Your home is your haven. It is where your family creates memories and shares good times. You should always feel safe and comfortable in your home. To make sure you still have a place to hang your hat, you should understand potential fire hazards that are lurking in your home.

Summer Camping Must Haves

If you want to spend some time outdoors, but didn’t master in scouting, there is a new way to go camping. They call it glamour camping, or “glamping”. It is just a gentler way of saying that you want to camp, but don’t want to “rough it”. There are of different ways you can do glamping.

What are Mortgage Points?

The recommended payment for a monthly mortgage is approximately 28% of your pre-tax income. One way to lower your interest payment, and in turn your monthly mortgage rate, is something called mortgage points.

Repairing Bad Credit

Whether you know it or not, banks and other financial institutions assign you a number so they can determine your creditworthiness. If you don’t spend wisely, you could have a low score which can deny you things like the ability to get a reasonable rate on a car, home or other large purchase.

Hosting Faux Pas

Spring break and summertime is a great time to entertain some guests that live far away. A visit from friends or family can be an excellent time for all. When you have your visitors, think about the treatment you want when you go their house.

Building Home Equity

Homeownership includes tax benefits, provides stability for families, and homes are a significant investment. Homes also offer equity, which is a less understood benefit. What is equity and how does it help a homeowner?