Compete in todays market with 5 K seller guarantee

Compete in Today’s Market with our $5,000 Seller Guarantee

Are you tired of losing to other offers on your dream home or wondering how to succeed in this competitive market? It’s time to set yourself apart and get pre-approved with the Veritas Funding Purchase Booster program with a $5,000 seller guarantee.

Unlike a pre-qualification, our pre-approval isn’t just a quick estimate or vague idea of what loans you “might” qualify for. The Veritas Funding Underwriting Team will verify all the important things like your tax, employment, and credit history before you even submit an offer. That way, when you get a pre-approval from Veritas Funding, the seller knows you mean business.

We’re so confident in our pre-approvals that we will pay the seller $5,000 if the loan falls through*.

Participating in our program is easy as 1….2….3….

1. Reach Out today to start the Home Loan Pre-Approval Process

2. When you're ready to submit an offer on a home, be sure to include our Veritas Funding pre-approval letter. This will give the seller confidence that you're a qualified buyer who is backed by a reputable lender.

3. Close quicker with fewer conditions.

If you're ready to discover how Veritas Funding is Improving Lives Through Homeownership, give us a call today to get started with your pre-approval!

Additional Disclaimer: * Applies to purchase loans only. To qualify, the buyer’s Purchase Booster Approval letter must have been issued by the Veritas Funding underwriting department. Loans that do not close due to circumstances outside of the control of Veritas Funding may be ineligible for the $5,000 seller guarantee. Contact a Veritas Funding loan officer for more details.