5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making your home more energy efficient is not only good for the environment but also for your pocketbook. As you are on the road to becoming more energy efficient, you’ll find that some tricks are simple and just require some thoughtful planning while others may take more of a financial investmen...

Winterizing Your Home in Advance

This may not be a popular topic for many. As September and October roll past, it’s time to start preparing for the cold. It’s much easier to start winterizing your home before it’s buried under two feet of snow. Fortunately, this is not an expensive task, and is even likely to save on utility exp...

Veritas Food Drive

Veritas Funding worked with the Utah Food Bank this year to deliver 1,210 pounds of food. That equates to $3,124. The Utah Food Bank, founded in 1904, helps combat hunger statewide. Houses are wonderful thing. Veritas Funding loves helping Utah residents qualify to be home owners. However, be...

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Fall can be a great time to sell your home.  Sales may not be as crazy as during the summer, but fall tends to attract more serious buyers who are looking to find a place before the winter hits.  Here are some tips when preparing your home to sell:

Downloads on the Decline

There are apps for everything you need in your life: grocery shopping, budgeting, running, babies; the list goes on. With so many apps, you would think that everyone would constantly download new apps to keep up with their busy lives, right?  Wrong.  

Trucking It To Texas - Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

In an effort to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Veritas Funding is putting together a relief effort and inviting anyone to donate and participate as they can.

Four Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall

Putting your home on the market in the fall can be an ideal time to sell your home.  You’ve returned from summer vacation, the craziness of the holidays is still a few months off, and the weather is still mild – all factors which can help counter the stress of moving. 

Cache Valley Fall Events

There are plenty of things to do in Cache Valley this fall.  Here is a list of some family friendly events and activities to put on your calendar.

Utah State Fair

It’s almost time for the Utah State Fair!  Beginning September 7, the fair will run for 10 days at the Utah State Fairpark.  Tickets can be purchased at the fair or in advance through Smith Tix.  Adult admission costs $10, and children’s admission is $8.  

What is the Statute of Limitations on Debts?

A lot of people get the statute of limitations confused with the FCRA credit reporting time.  While they’re both time limits related to debt, they have different effects...