Why does a mortgage lender require so much paperwork from me?

Many changes that the housing industry underwent following the market crash of 2008 were put in place to protect consumers.  One of these changes that became effective in 2014 was that a lender must make a reasonable determination if...

Mortgage Minute | Political Uncertainty

Growing political uncertainty was good for mortgage rates this week. Recent economic data had little impact. Mortgage rates ended the week near the best levels since before the November Presidential election. Following the election of Donald Trump, th...

4 Ways to Make a House A Home for under $1000

When it comes to making a house a home there are many simple and inexpensive ways to make feel like yours. Take a look at how to update your new abode without breaking the bank.

USDA Home Loans in Utah

Living in Utah has many perks.  One of which is the wide open spaces.  If you would love to live in more rural areas of the beautiful state take a look at some places that would qualify for a USDA home loan.  

Mortgage Minute | French Election and US Data

 A victory by Macron in the French election was viewed as negative for mortgage rates early in the week, while Friday's weaker than expected U.S. economic data was positive. These influences were roughly offsetting, and mortgage rates ended the...

Top 10 Things To Do In Cedar City

Whether you are visiting Cedar City during to take a look at Southern Utah University, passing through, or taking in the Shakespearean festival there is no shortage of activities from which to choose.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do in Cedar City.

Mortgage Minute| FED Holds Steady

Wednesday’s Fed meeting was viewed as slightly negative for mortgage rates. The success of Macron in holding his lead in the polls for the upcoming French election also was unfavorable. Friday’s Employment report had little impact. As a result, mortgage rat...

Why Hire An Agent

With increased connections, we have in the world today many people think that selling their home on their own is a great way to save money, but take a look at the statistics, and you may reconsider.

Mortgage Minute Europe Influences U.S. Markets

Europe Influences U.S. Markets Week of May 1st, 2017 Over the past week, mortgage rates were influenced mainly by events in Europe.  The outcome of Sunday's French election was bad for mortgage rates, while Thursday's European Central Bank meeting was mildly positive.

Most Popular Utah Home Loan Types

There are many types of home loans available in Utah. Let's take a look at the most popular mortgage types of the Beehive State.